Martina Roepke 
is a free-lance media scholar and high school teacher. She studied German literature, Linguistics and Philosophy at Tübingen University in Germany and has published a book-length study on the history of Amateur Cinema in Germany (phd, 2004) Before moving to the Netherlands in 2000, Martina worked for the House of Documentary Film en Südwestfunk in Stuttgart and Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich.

During her academic career Martina got involved in various activities in the field of amateurfilm and film archives and digital culture cooperating with Eye Film Institute, Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision, Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin and Association Europeene Inedits in which she served as a board member for several years.

At the same time she developed a growing interest in all questions of learning and teaching. She became member of the professional network mediawijzer.net and served as coordinator of the research platform  Changing Literacies at Utrecht University (2009-2011). This interdisciplinary research group was dedicated to the question how changing media technologies  have shaped the ways we learn and engage with the world in the past and will do so in our digital future. In this function she organized the Trust and Emerging Media Conference in 2013.

In 2014 Martina decided to leave the university and become a German language teacher at a Dutch high school.

She is still involved in curating small gauge film. Recently she received a spectacular donation: the films by Hermann Rossmann, one of Germany’s finest film amateurs of the 1930s. His more than 50 films now form the core of her private film collection, which she occasionally projects to interested audiences, using the authentic equipment.

dr. Martina M. Roepke / Utrecht – The Netherlands / roepke@xs4all.nl

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